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So You Found Your Perfect Rental Unit… Rights and Responsibilities Under Residential Leases

Posted October 22, 2017

Once you’ve found the perfect home and are approved to become a tenant, you’ll be asked to sign a lease that will contain the terms and conditions of your relationship with the landlord. Even if you’ve done it before, it’s useful to understand the basics of this type of agreement. You do have legal obligations […]

FAQs on Residential Evictions in New Jersey

Posted October 12, 2017

If you are a residential landlord looking to regain possession of rental property, or if you are a tenant who has been asked to relocate or vacate your home, you should consider seeking legal advice quickly.  Landlords cannot remove a tenant for just any reason.  There are limited grounds to regain possession, and knowing what […]

What Do I Do if My Loved One Was Manipulated into Changing Their Will?

Posted August 13, 2017

A common reason for a Will to be contested is when there is evidence of “undue influence.”  Undue influence is another way of saying that someone in your loved one’s life took such advantage of their position of trust that your loved one’s judgment and desires became substituted or impaired.  One of the most frequent […]

Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Posted July 9, 2017

As of January 2016, the average employee stays at one job 4.2 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just two years before, in 2014, that number was 4.6 years.  People are changing jobs faster than ever.  Just one generation ago, employees spent their entire career with one employer, or at least the majority […]

Power of Attorney for End of Life Medical Directives and Financial Decisions

Posted June 9, 2017

Estate planning is important to ensure that your final wishes are followed and that your family and finances are in the best hands possible following your death.  Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives are needed if you can no longer make decisions for yourself. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can offer tailored guidance for your […]

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Posted December 2, 2016

The elderly population in the United States is increasing.  By 2050, the number of people aged 85 and over is projected to reach 18 million and account for nearly 4.5% of the population.  The demand for care to meet the needs of this population is growing along with it. Many seniors and their families depend […]

How to Avoid Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Posted November 12, 2016

While difficult and even unsettling to think about, planning for the end of life is necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out, your property is divided as you see fit, and that your family is left with as little burden, uncertainty and stress as possible. Failing to Update Your Will Estate planning requires […]

Stopping Workplace Discrimination is the Responsibility of the Employer

Posted November 2, 2016

It is the duty of every business owner to create and foster a safe, respectful work environment for all of their employees, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, age, and more. When workplace discrimination or harassment takes place, even if the employer was not the party inflicting the discrimination or harassment, they […]

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Posted October 31, 2016

If you or someone you know has been victimized in the workplace, by sexual harassment, it is vital that you seek the counsel of a Red Bank attorney that is proficient at navigating the complications of these kinds of cases. By definition, workplace sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual advance from one person to another. […]

Reducing Your Risk in Dealing with a Non-Performing Employee

Posted September 29, 2016

We’ve all heard about fallout stories from firing an employee: Contact lists stolen, hard drives deleted, temper tantrums, physical altercations, the list goes on. Dealing with a non-performing employee can be intimidating enough. At bare minimum, you’re dealing with an awkward conversation. In a  worst-case scenario, you may be facing a wrongful termination lawsuit. The […]