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Personal Attention and Excellent Representation

Providing Wise Counsel and Strong Advocacy

At Foss, San Filippo & Milne, LLC, located in Red Bank, New Jersey, we provide creative legal solutions for businesses and individuals in central New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. We have many years experience in our practice areas and insights that come only through vast knowledge with the law and the legal system.

As counselors, we apply our experience and knowledge crafting solutions in the areas of employment law, business law, estate planning and commercial real estate.

As advocates, we protect the interests of our clients in matters involving employment litigation, commercial litigation, real estate litigation, zoning, personal injury, estate litigation and other civil disputes.

A Team Of Advocates

Our attorneys want to help you achieve a successful resolution to your legal matter. We will review your situation and discuss your legal options. Whenever possible, we seek to resolve disputes cost-effectively through negotiation or mediation. We are strong advocates though, and when it is necessary, we are tenacious litigators.

Our goal in every dispute is to resolve it in favor of our client, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Providing the Counsel You Need

Foss, San Filippo & Milne, LLC, provides counsel and legal services designed to protect our clients' interests and assets. We will listen to you and take the time to understand your concerns and goals. Then, we will respond with creative legal solutions that address your concerns.

The attorneys and staff at Foss, San Filippo & Milne, LLC, take great pride in providing services with integrity, attentiveness and efficiency. In matters involving business law, complex estate issues, real estate or other area of our practice, we will respond quickly and decisively.

Foss, San Filippo & Milne, LLC, wants to help you accomplish your goals and build a better future for yourself and your family.

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At Foss, San Filippo & Milne, LLC, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Whether your legal issue deals with employment law, personal injury, real estate, business formation or an estate planning matter, an attorney at our firm would be happy to discuss your situation and your legal options.

225 Broad Street P.O.Box 896
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

Phone: (732) 741-2525
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