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Three Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Posted May 23, 2018


According to Fast Company, branding is one of the most important ways to not only grow your company, but keep the clients and customers that you already have coming back for more. This means that you need to create a bond between your customers and your product, or more specifically to translate that already existing bond between your product and your customers, to your company itself and your customers. The positive emotion that your customers get when they see or experience your product should be interchangeable with the positive feeling they get when they see your logo or symbol.

Search Engine Optimization

Forbes lists search engine optimization (SEO) as the number one way to grow your business. SEO is the process of making sure that your business’ website is ranked as high as possible on the list when someone types in a few search words for your services on Google. For example, if you own an auto body shop in Red Bank, a potential customer might type in “Auto repair Red Bank” in order to see what businesses come up in their area. If you are not near the top of that Google list, it means that you are losing a potential customer before they even know about your business. Search engine optimization can help you be near or at the top of that list.

Be Cautious With Reinvesting Your Retained Earnings

There are generally two options for directing your earnings: reinvest them in your current business, or use them to start a new venture or compliment to your current business. One of the most common examples of the latter is that of a restaurant owner who, after having success with her first restaurant, opens up a new one on the other side of town with the earnings of the first. This can be risky, and much needs to be considered if this is how you want your business to grow.

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