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How to Handle Disputes Between Partners & Shareholders

Posted August 15, 2016

Often parties who hold a financial interest in a business, fall into dispute. Like spouses, business partners may have internal strife and end up “splitting” for any number of reasons including:

  • disagreements about the direction of the business
  • a partner’s wrongful conduct
  • disputes about capital contributions and / or appropriate compensation
  • power struggles between partners
  • a stalemate or deadlock in the management decisions of the business
  • the separation by one partner who competes with his or her former partner and business

While the causes vary, the need for a resolution before the business is damaged does not.  Any dispute within a business can quickly cause damage to reputations and financial futures, as well as future endeavors among or within partnerships. It is vital, therefore, that disputes are resolved as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Different businesses have different structures

Some are run by the founding individuals; while others are run by boards that are separate from the owners.   In a limited liability company the dispute could be between the members. In the case of a corporation, the dispute could be between directors and / or between shareholders, who often hold majority stake in the company.

After understanding the framework within which the dispute is taking place, and listening to the facts and causes of the dispute, we can advise you of your options.  We can help resolve these conflicts quickly.   Sometimes, we must seek the help of the courts to resolve the issue.  

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